What I Read in March 2019

Apologetics at the Cross: An Introduction to Christian Witness by Joshua D. Chatrow and Mark D. Allen is designed as a classroom textbook.

The first four chapters establish a foundation for apologetics at the cross by tracing the theme of apologetics through the Scriptures and then showing how it was used in Christian history.

The object of the book is to do apologetics differently.  Instead of being argumentative, be gentle; instead of coming in with all the answers, listen; instead of one approach, tailor it to the person.

How to Think: A Survival Guide for a World at Odds by Alan Jacobs

This book talks about how we think, and how we often think poorly and don’t often realize it.  It teaches us about thinking and how to think so as to rescue us from the divisiveness we see all around us today.


Is a story about jealousy and manipulation.  Iago, passed over for a promotion, first tries to set up Cassio for revenge, but also helps his friend Roderigo win back Desdemona.  So Iago manipulates through shrewd conversations to discredit Cassio and to make it look like Desdemona (Othello’s wife) has been unfaithful with Cassio.  As typical in Shakespeare, somebody dies.  Actually, almost everyone dies.  All because of jealousy, “the green-eyed monster.”

Gilead by Marilynne Robinson

I have to confess, I did not see what made this a Pulitzer Prize winning novel.  It is a story about fathers and sons and the impact of the Civil War.

Gay Girl, Good God by Jackie Hill Perry

This book describes Jackie’s same-sex attraction to girls and her struggle with giving that up.  It is a good book describing those struggles and how to please God with your sexual life.  It is also a good book describing the impact of the gospel and the struggles of sanctification.

Working the Angles by Eugene Peterson

Peterson identifies three practices which are missing from most pastor’s schedules but are vital for real pastoring–prayer, Bible reading and spiritual direction.

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Lamar Austin

I've graduated from Citadel Bible College in Ozark, Arkansas, with a B. A. Then got my M. Div. and Th. M. at Capital Bible Seminary in Lanham, MD. I finished with a D. Min. degree from Dallas Theological Seminary, but keep on learning. I pastored at Chinese Christian Church of Greater Washington, D. C., was on staff at East Evangelical Free Church in Wichita, KS, tried to plant an EFC in Little Rock, before moving back home to Mena, where I now pastor my home church, Grace Bible Church

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