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The Danger of Mixing Culture with Biblical Faith by Tim Wiedlich

Aside from some interesting comments about Ethiopian culture, Tim talks about cultural elitism, saying…

The problem with mixing our biblical faith with our culture and history is that we lose the power in the message of the Bible. if we base our lives on what we think the Bible means, and it doesn’t mean that, our practice out of that belief will lack the power of God’s promise.

Another problem with mixing our faith and culture is that we will become cultural elitists who try to convert people to our culture in the name of Christ. Church History is full of examples, the Crusades, slavery, anti-semitism, prohibition.

The answer, he says, is Romans 12:1-2.

What You Need to Know About New York’s New Late-Term Abortion Law by Jessica Mouser

This article explains what the recent New York vote (and celebration) of the Reproductive Health Act.  The law allows medical practitioners to perform abortions up to the day of the birth, provided “there is an absence of fetal viability, or the abortion is necessary to protect the patient’s life or health.”  That “or” is the problem, as is “patient’s life or health” which can, and is, broadly defined (read “emotional health”).

New York Legalizes Baby Killing: A Woman’s Response

This article, by Hannah Graves, reflects on the recent vote by New York legislators to make abortions through even the third trimester a possibility, says that this is not the first time such a “law” has been made.  Exodus 2 describes the attempt to kill all male babies, and God’s miraculous deliverance.  Herod tried the same.  She suggests four practical steps to getting involved in saving the unborn.

3 Steps to Making Friends in a New Place, Jeremiah Biggs

It’s not easy to make friends when you enter a new place.  Jeremiah shares three steps to making new friends–(1) identify an interest, (2) establish a regular time of meeting with people around that interest and (3) then start inviting them to do things outside that interest.

Why Reproductive Health Care is Abhorrent Trash! Empire State Conservative Network

Dr. David McKnight, who is a board certified OB/GYN released this statement;

 “It appears that the State of New York has legislated that an unborn baby can now be killed at term. They did this joyfully and celebrated by illuminating the Freedom Tower in pink light. As a board-certified OB/GYN physician for over 30 years, I need to say publicly and unequivocally, that there is NEVER a medical reason to kill a baby at term. When complications of pregnancy endanger a mother’s life, we sometimes must deliver the baby early, but it ALWAYS with the intent of doing whatever we can to do it safely for the baby too. The decision to kill an unborn baby at term is purely for convenience. It is murder. And now it won’t be long before a struggling mother with a 1-month old baby will argue for the right to kill her baby too, because taking care of him or her is just too difficult and inconvenient. When you are willing to rationalize murder, why be subject to a timeline? God help us.”

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